• Barrel

    Patent pending Rotech Barrel for the Typhoon 3D printer. Available for 1.75 and 3 mm filament.
  • One barrel and one nozzle of any size
  • Brass Nozzle for Rotech's hot ends. Available for both 3 mm and 1.75 mm filaments and with .3-1.2 mm nozzles.
  • One size complete hot end: includes heat sink, barrel, nozzle and heater block.
  • Conversion plate that allows you to use a patent pending Rotech hot end with other 3D printer heads.
  • Engineering Grade Performance

    Engineering Grade PLA is stronger than similar high-perfomance PLA’s. Strength and stiffness come together in an easy to print material for prototypes and functional parts. Starting at $29.95 and offered in 7 colors, Engineering Grade PLA provides exceptional value to printers.

    Smoother Prints, Less Jams

    Essentium Engineering Grade PLA is desigined to give you maximum printability. Easy to calibrate, Engineering Grade PLA reduces filament waste due to strict quality tolerances. Engineering Grade PLA provides you with smoother prints and less jams.

    7 Vibrant Colors to Choose From

    Personalize your prints with 7 different colors to choose from. With engineering grade performance, easy printability, and vibrant colors to select, many makers are moving to Essentium Engineering Grade PLA as their go to material.
    Essentium PLA has been specifically designed for use in additive manufacturing. Our PLA formulation has superior tensile strength, elastic modulus and impact resistance in comparison to standard PLA. Furthermore, our PLA has a high heat deflection temperature stemming from its excellent heat-resistance and faster crystallization rates. This PLA prints with great detail at high speeds, less warping, and good bed adhesion. All of this means that you get the performance of an engineering grade material with the printability of standard PLA. With the superior heat resistance and mechanical properties of our PLA, we provide strength and toughness you can rely on while still giving you the same ease of use as traditional PLA.
    • Engineering grade performance with the convenience of PLA
    • Superior tensile strength
    • Improved elastic modulus
    • Better impact resistance
    • Vastly increased thermal stability (2X vs regular PLA!)
    • Fewer nozzle jams
    • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Essentium PCTG Filament


    Translucent or Frosted? You Get Both

    Enjoy glossy translucent prints with exceptional clarity. Want a new look with the same material? Lower the nozzle temperature on the same material to print frosted white parts. PCTG is excellent for see-through or standard prints.

    Impact Resistant

    PCTG boasts impressive mechanical properties similar to PETG. In addition to being chemical and abrasion resistant, PCTG is very durable. The shatter-resistent nature of this engineering grade material makes it great for a variety of applications.

    Smooth Prints, Every Time

    PCTG is a special material only offered in filament form by Essentium. Essentium Filament is always Made in the U.S.A. so you can trust it passes strict quality controls. Avoid annoying nozzle jams with high-quality, high-value filament like PCTG. PCTG is a member of the copolyester family, chemically similar to PETG. Our PCTG is an easy-to-use material with incredible surface finish and excellent impact resistance. This robust material can be printed in open air, and over a large temperature range. Depending on the temperature you choose, you can give your prints either a glossy or matte finish. Compared to PETG, our PCTG has similar strength and stiffness, while offering superior impact strength and chemical resistance.
    • Prints easily!
    • Excellent surface finish
    • Improved impact resistance over PETG
    • Similar strength/stiffness to PETG
    • Improved chemical resistance
    • Prints in open air!
    • Wide print window
    • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Essentium TPU FR

    Flame Retardant In the past printers have had to choose, flexible or flame retardant? You don’t have to compromise any longer. TPU FR is the most flexible flame retardant filament on the market providing incredibly versatile functional parts. Exceptional Toughness TPU is known for its superior toughness. This flexible material is great for a variety of applications due to it’s elasticity. Essentium TPU FR boasts excellent strength even when stretched. TPU FR offers high impact strength and consistent bonding. Flexible Filament If you are looking for flexible filament, Essentium TPU FR offers superior mechanical properties. This material provides prints that are flexible and strong. Use TPU FR for a variety of end use parts that require elasticity.
  • A full hot end kit with both 1.75 mm and 3 mm barrels and a full array of nozzles for both barrels. Includes one heat sink and one heater block.
  • Rotech's patent pending hot ends thread the nozzle directly onto the barrel and the whole assembly threads directly into the heat sink, while the heater block just slides over the nozzle. This allows you to slide the heater block off and easily change nozzles and barrels without removing the heat sink from the extruder. The process is quick and easy, and gives you more options for filament sizes and how quickly your filament gets extruded.   This package contains two .3, .5, .6 & .8 mm and matching 1.75 barrels, as well as .4, .6, .8, 1.0 and 1.2 mm nozzles and matching 3mm barrels.
  • Full kit of hot end parts, including one size barrel, either 1.75 or 3 mm, and all of the nozzles that go with it.
  • Glass bed

    Removable glass bed. Includes clamps to hold it to the PEI bed.