Connecting to Your Typhoon Without a Wireless Network

//Connecting to Your Typhoon Without a Wireless Network

Connecting to Your Typhoon Without a Wireless Network

So, you have your Typhoon all set up for the wireless network, but you’re moving your printer somewhere else and you may not have a wireless network to use. You can also use this option to connect to the printer so you can ssh in and make the initial changes to the wireless files. You can also just use this to control your printer without ever connecting it to a wireless.

Rotech’s Typhoons are all set up to broadcast a wireless signal if they can’t find a wireless signal to connect to.

That’s right. You can control your printer right from your phone or tablet or any device with a web browser.

Power on your Typhoon.

  1. Use your device to search for the wireless signal named “RotechTyphoon.” The default password is “rotechtyphoon”.

Open a web browser and enter “” in the address bar. There you have access to upload print files and control your printer. You do not need to worry about losing the connection because the Typhoon will not look for a wireless signal again until you turn it off and turn it back on again.

*To connect to the Raspberry Pi in your Typhoon using the terminal, once the wireless connection is established, open a terminal and enter

$ ssh -l pi

in the terminal. If you have previously changed the password for the Raspberry Pi, use the password you changed it to, rather than “rotechtyphoon.”

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