Setting up WiFi on your Rotech Typhoon

//Setting up WiFi on your Rotech Typhoon

Setting up WiFi on your Rotech Typhoon

To set up WiFi, you will need to use a terminal to ssh into the Raspberry Pi in your Typhoon.

On Windows, you need to use Putty. On Mac or Linux, you can use your onboard terminal.

Plug your the Raspberry Pi into your router with an ethernet cable so your router can assign it an IP address on the local network. Use your router configuration tool to find the IP address and enter the following command into the terminal:

$ ssh 192.168.x.x -l pi

Substitute the IP address in the example with the one your router has assigned your Typhoon.

When the terminal asks for a password, enter “rotechtyphoon” without the quotation marks. Because this is our default password and publicly available, I highly recommend changing it when you get in.

Now we’re going to move into the appropriate file. Issue the following commands:

$ cd ..

$ cd ..

$ cd boot

$ sudo nano octopi-network.txt

Use the arrow keys to move the cursor. Move to the WPA section so that in the following section

#iface wlan0-octopi inet manual
#     wpa-ssid “this is the name of my wireless network”
#     wpa-psk “this is my WiFi password”

enter the name of your wireless network in the quotation marks next to “ssid” and the password in the quotation marks next to “psk”. Both entries are case sensitive.

Delete the pound sign or hashtag from front of those three lines.

Hit ctrl O to save the file and hit enter.

Hit ctrl X to exit the file.

Power down your printer and unplug the ethernet cord from the router. Power it back on and refresh the admin panel of your router until you can see the IP address it assigned the printer wirelessly.

Open a web browser on any machine connected to your network and enter that IP address in the address bar, and you can control your printer from that browser.

*If you have multiple wireless networks you want your printer to be able to connect to, you can follow the same steps as above, but instead of editing the octopi-network.txt file, you can edit the octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt. Change the country code at the top from “GB” to “USA”.
Remove the pound sign from in front of the following blocks:

# ssid="Your Wifi SSID"
# psk="supersecretwifipassword"

Enter the appropriate information inside the quotation marks. You can add as many of these blocks as networks you want to be able to connect to. The Pi will go through each of these connections on boot and try to connect until it finds one to connect to.

Save by hitting ctrl O. Hit ctrl X to exit.

*If you are running Linux, you can mount the SD card on your machine with a USB MicroSD card reader and edit the file in your text editor directly.

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