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Industrial Grade 3D Printer
for the Consumer Market

You’ll be able to print larger, faster, and with more precision than you ever have before.

  • Print larger than before
  • Print faster than before
  • Print more accurately than before
  • Print with more materials than before
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We call it TYPHOON
because it’s strong and fast!

And now you can get it delivered before anyone else.


Here Are Some of TYPHOON’s Amazing 3D Printer Specs

  • 32-bit processor

  • Print build volume of 19.13″ width x 12.6″ depth x 17.72″ height

  • Print as low as 10 microns resolution

  • Precision milled stationary bed

  • Run 1.75 mm or 3 mm filament

  • Hot end rated 400˚C so you can run virtually all available filaments
    (including upcoming high strength materials)

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